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House Extensions & Installtion

Extension Kits for Self builders.

One of the Biggest problems small builders face is sourcing trades for smaller jobs. Allmost all Tradesman naturally opt for the larger Jobs. Ground workers and bricklayers demand premium prices if they are able to get them. Small builders also have to wait until the trade people are available. This wait unfortunately stretches the duration of the project and annoys customers, as well as the costs that the builders acquires along the way. To alleviate these problems, Kitfab can supply Self Builders with Home Extension Shell Package (ESP) kits.

SIP Panel - Extension Shell package (ESP).
Each SIP Panel Extension Shell Package Kit(ESP) consists of multiple components of the project.
Here are a few options you will have with a Kitfab Extension kit package:

  • Kitfab Extension Building Shell Supply only.
  • A Home Extension Shell comprises a SIP structure, SIP Panel Walls, SIP Panel Flooring, Sip Panel Roofing and structural lintels. The Shell Kit also includes aluminium Windows and Doors. Your Extension Shell will be flat packed and then be delivered to a site of your choice all ready and prepared for an easy and smooth Installation process. All flat packed kit components are professionally labelled for a simple and easy and smooth installation process. The building shell can be installed on an already prepared concrete foundation or directly onto a much easier foundation screw pile base.

  • Structure Engineering and Architectural Designs with a basic 2D-3D Rendering.
  • Kitfab can supply all the necessary calculations and drawings for your building Extension Approval. This also includes any Steel beams and foundation groundwork.

  • Innovative screw Pilling with Foundation plus base.
  • By using our innovative screw pile and steel beam base system, the need for deep excavation is completely eliminated. Normally, the ground only needs to be reduced by a few hundred Milometers(mm) to allow for the galvanized steel floor beams which also contributes to less rubble compared to traditional foundation which are messy and expensive. Screw piles are installed with the right amount of torque and depth. The depth and torque is determined by the loading of our structural engineer, who provides the correct legal specification so that nothing is left to chance. To install an Extension base can take approximately 2 days, and there is minimal rubble involved in this process.

  • Kitfab Building Regulations and Approval.
  • Kitfab ca supply building Regulations and approval with all our SIP Panels Home Extensions.

  • Advantages of using a Kitfab Extensions Shell Package(ESP)
  • It is a knowen fact that the average House Extension takes a minimum of 12 weeks to complete and sometimes longer. The longer the project drags on the more upset and uneasy a customer will become, not included the additional cost to the builder.Normally a builder has to complete one job before they can take on another. By using a Kitfab House Extension Kit (ESP) it would be possible for a builder to have multiple Extension shells up within their fisrt week, and then manage their addtional time more efficiently with each project. This could give the builder a garantueed oppertunity to double their annual turnover without having to hire any additional staff memebers or specilists.

  • The House Extension Shell Package.
  • When a shell is installed and windows and doors have been fitted it is virtually water tight. Internal trade can commerce work immidiately, regardless of the outside weather which all builders in the UK have to take into consideration. Naturally it would be prudent to get the roof covering on as soon as possible but the shell itself is made from OSB and is protected with a tyvek membrain which will protect you for a few months. the internan finish of the shell is OSB and timber battens which are normally fixed to the OSBw walls and then installtion of plasterboard can take place.All electrical wiring and plumbing can be neatly hidden and layed behind the plasterboard.

    External finshes can be applied outsideie: brick splips, Render Boards and or cladding. When using brick splips, silicone Render or cement board it is fixed through the tyvek onto the OSB3.Some House Extensions require battens behond the renderboard. Render Board. Render it stright onto the battens.